Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bringing Back "Vintage" - A Visit To Zola's...

Today I had a wonderful afternoon sharing lunch, laughter, and time with my friend, Chris, as we hung out in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff Dallas. The city is really working on revitalizing that area and making it a much more desirable and nice place to not only live, but also visit, as it is in the arts area.

After we had a nice lunch and shared memories and laughter with each other, we decided to walk up and down Bishop Avenue and go inside the interesting variety of shops and galleries that are there. So many eclectic and unique shops to see, it was so much fun! One shop I fell in love with was ‘Zola’s Everyday Vintage’ which specializes in clothing and some knick knacks from the 1950s through the early 70s, my absolute favorite time period in fashion and décor! I met one of the owners, Annette Norman (she co-owns the shop with Diedra Sutton) and she was so kind, helpful and outgoing. She named the shop after her grandmother, Zola, which I find very special and sentimental, since she was dear to her. Annette had a wonderful display of vintage wedding dresses that were stunning, from the 50’s through the 70’s, all gorgeous examples of their time period. Annette and I started talking about the beauty of these dresses, and how they just don’t make styles like that anymore, and she mentioned how neat it would be if girls would think about going vintage for their weddings. If only I have thought of that when I got married nine years ago, it would have been something I more than likely would have done since I naturally gravitate towards vintage and past styles (my students at school jokingly call me a “hippie”).

So together, Annette and I are here to get the word out about these classy and unique vintage dresses. She had several exquisite wedding dresses for sale at great prices, but two really stood out to me. One was from the late 60s. Reminiscent to me of something Juliet from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” would have worn. Cream colored with lace down the front, crochet around the tulip style sleeves, a square cut neckline with a high collar around the back of the neck. Stunning! The next one I was drawn to could have been taken from the closet of Jackie Kennedy-Onasis. A fitted pearl color satin dress with a slight off the shoulder neckline, which richly flows to the knees was one I saw and fell in love with. Long sleeves, with buttons at the wrist were beautiful. Looking at the dress, your breath is definitely taken away, but wait until you see the back! The neck goes into a slight v-cut, then a drop at the back that goes to mid-calf, again with buttons gathering a slight bit of the fabric just below the waist. I could just imagine this with a birdcage veil hat, gloves, and diamonds or pearls draped around your neck.

Vintage is new again, and is starting to enter it’s way into such events as weddings and cocktail parties. If you are looking for a one of a kind, different and classy wedding dress that has stood the test of time, ‘Zola’s Everyday Vintage’ is the place for you to visit! With their friendly, outgoing service, wonderful prices and their belief in what they are doing, this is the store you must visit! They do have a magnificent selection to choose from. If you would like to visit the shop, the address is 414 Bishop Ave. Dallas, 75208. You can call them at (214) 943-6643, or visit their web site at www.zolasvintage.com. Happy vintage shopping!

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  1. The power of Vintage! I can't believe how beautiful those dresses look in black and white...just like art. What a lovely afternoon spent with you both. I love being with people who "get" vintage. We hope you will come back to see us soon and just hang out and soak up the vintage vibe.